Love or Trust – What comes first?

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Love or Trust – What comes first?

Post by Admin on 3/24/2015, 8:31 am

Love or Trust - What comes first?It’s really confusing to understand what comes first between love and trust when referring to relationship matters. Everybody has got different opinion on this….some say love comes first while others say trust comes first. Before going further, let us see what love is and what trust is…
Love is all about feelings strong feeling of affection for somebody that you are sexually attracted to… While trust is all about the belief that something or somebody is good, sincere, honest….just to have confidence in somebody or something.

So the difference between these two words can be noted from the beginning of their meaning, that is love goes with feelings while trust goes with belief. So here comes the question what comes first….The following might be helpful to you though it depends with your perception in these two words (love and trust) it’s whether you choose to comply with me or vice -versa

Love can happen at any time, any place, it does not guarantee time or place to happen because love is accompanied with feelings and in some instances one might fail to control his or her feelings to somebody. That is why it is not a sin for someone to express his or her feelings to somebody.
Coming to trust, this one is built and it depends, it may take a long time or short time to earn one’s trust. Bad thing about trust is that when it is broken it is not easy to regain it as it was before, it is like a melted chocolate no matter how you try to freeze it, it will never return to its original shape, and so it will never be genuine like the one broken before.

The question to ask yourself, will you stop loving somebody just because you don’t trust him or her… But also being in relationship with somebody you don’t trust is really stressful.
So it depends whether you trust a person first and then you come to love him or her or whether you love a person first and trust follows, it’s only a matter of a person decision and it also depends with circumstances.
So partners you better be extra careful when you know that you are being loved and trusted implicitly because to some extent trust can be related to reputation, because once one destroy his or her reputation it may take a long time to build it again. An American business magnate, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet once said it takes 20years to build reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it and so the same applies to trust.
Love or Trust – What comes first?


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